Hello friends, my name is Wilfred. I am enrolled in doggy university at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind to become a Guide Dog. In order to be amazing at my job, I need to practice my work in many different places. Our trainers, who are also our chauffeurs, drive us all over the Ottawa Valley in training vans. They find us all different types of curbs, crossings, and landmarks so that we can practice.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind needs a new training van. That means I need your help in order to complete my training and graduate. Please make a donation today to help us achieve our goal, and raise the $60,000 needed for a new training van. It will allow me, and countless other canines to get the practice we need to be a Guide Dog.

I am so excited to start my job, to meet my future partner, to spend all day with them, to take them wherever they need to go and make sure they get there safely. I need your help to do that, to make sure I graduate. Please act and make a donation towards our training van today!

OH BOY OH BOY, its time for my walk. Duty calls, thanks for your help!

Help us purchase a new training van